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Halo World Championship 2016

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Halo is a hallowed franchise with a long history in esports. When 343 Industries brought its latest version back to competitive gaming for the 2016 Halo World Championship, they wanted to reignite the fires that had once made the game the leading title in competitive gaming.

With a focus on the competition’s global scope, Xbox joined forces with their creative partner, Ayzenberg to help the their story with a comprehensive content and creative strategy for the series.

As Executive Producer, I had the opportunity to travel the world and capture the stories of the professional gamers who make eSports one of the fastest growing spectator experiences online. Together, we created content that reminded fans worldwide of Halo’s premier place in competitive gaming while celebrating top eSports athletes with the respect and insight they deserve.

Along with creating several high-impact promos, I was tapped to produce and direct what would end up being the marquis asset of the World Championship Finals broadcast, a documentary-style ‘Story of the Season,’ recapping the competition up to the final moments and setting the stage of one team to take home a $1 Million top prize.